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Here is how it works........

Step 1. Walk-in to store and put your name on our first come first serve list. 

Step 2. Once we get to your name we will call you to bring your items into the store (you keep your items with you until we call you).

Step 3. We will go through your items and enter them in our system. Once completed we will call you to come get your payout and the items we've passed on. 

Step 4. Come get your cash or leave it on your store acount for an additional 10% off your purchase up to your payout amount.

3 Ways to Sell to us



Drop n Go

CarbonNYC_NEW_Exclamation_preview_d79a (1)_edited.png

Step 1. You are able to walk-in and drop off 1, 18 gallon tote or equivalent. 

We have 6 of these available a day. They fill up fast. So your best best is to get to the store when we open at 900am for a better chance. 

With a drop n go anyway we pass on we automatically donate to one of our chairties Minor Wear Ministries or AMVETS. 

Step 2. We will call you when we are done processing your items and let you know the amount of your payout. You can come cash out your payout or leave it on your store account for an additional 10% off your purchases up to your store credit.



We have appointment at FGC every Monday-Saturday at 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm and 6:00pm. 

Appointments are a designated time for you to bring in your items. This is great for customers who live farther away because it gives you a set time to come in. 

We only book our appointments a week out. They book up fast however there are cancelations so keep checking back. 

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