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Pre-sorting your child's items to reflect our buying policy saves time, and will ensure that you receive top dollar for the highest quality items. We'll thoroughly examine your items to ensure they meet our high standards, and provide you a cash offer, when we have completed sorting and entering your items.

By ensuring the quality of all incoming merchandise meets our high standards, every shopper can be confident of buying clean, high-quality items.​ At our discretion, exceptions to what we take may be made, but we emphasize that we are never obligated to purchase ANY items of any kind.

Clothing must be CLEAN, dry, in excellent like-new condition and contemporary in style. 

We DO NOT accept items that are stained, torn, cut, faded, pilled, excessively wrinkled, inside out, personalized (including name written on tag), have missing or broken closures, or that have pet fur, lint, bugs, or any odor other than laundry products.  Items with any type and number of bugs will be immediately returned or disposed of, depending on your choice of buy: Walk In or Drop & Go. 


We DO NOT take cloth bibs, hair bows, headbands, ties, belts, suspenders, infant beanies/mitts, or blankets (except muslin).


We DO NOT take socks, underwear, maternity clothes, adult sizes, or pajama tops/bottoms without exact match.



Items must be clean, dry, free of stains, have all parts and accessories, and be in excellent condition. Items cannot have any rust, corrosion, or excessive wear. We are very selective on plush toys and books.


Unless items are new in box with original manufacturer seals, the CUSTOMER must assemble their items before we can inspect them. Associates cannot help assemble for liability purposes.


Electronic items MUST have charged batteries and all cords, parts, and accessories they came with. We cannot accept any electronic items that we are unable to test.


We DO NOT take cribs, car seats, bedding, feeding items, baby monitors, or room décor.  At our discretion, and per store needs, we reserve the right to refuse purchase of any items for any reason.



 We DO NOT take:

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don't take toys-2.jpg
don't take small equip-2.jpg
don't take equipment-2.jpg
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