We Buy Kids Items!

  • You can walk-in your items anytime Monday-Saturday 10-5pm. Please leave your items in the car and come check-in at the front counter. We will walk you through the sign-in process and let know how long the wait will be.  

Please bring items in a box, bin, basket or recycle bags. (Please no plastic bags!) Pre-sorting your child's items according to our buying policy saves time and will ensure that you receive top dollar for your items and in general makes the selling process more efficient.

All items must be in excellent, like-new condition with no damage, such as stains, tears, non-working zippers, or missing buttons. We'll thoroughly examine your items to ensure they meet our high standards. We know it's easy to overlook a stain or small tear at home, so please don't be offended if we reject an item. By ensuring the quality of all merchandise, every shopper can be confident of buying clean, high-quality items.

  • Clothing items should look new and be recently laundered.

  • Clothing must be completely free of odors: smoke, mildew, mothballs, etc.

  • Clothing must be free of lint and pet hair.

  • Clothing should not be ripped, faded, piling, or stained.

  • Clothing must be contemporary in style.

  • We buy shoes up to size 4 youth.

  • Zippers and button should be operational and intact.

  • We purchase infant wear (sizes 0 to 18 months) very selectively.


Toys and Equipment

  • Items must be clean.

  • Electronic items must have batteries included and in working order.

  • Items must not have missing parts.

  • Items such as bikes must not have any rust.

  • Items must be brought in assembled or seller must be prepared to put item(s) together.

  • We do not purchase stuffed animals, used socks, bibs, or underwear.


Items Accepted

  • Infant & children's shoes, clothing preemie-Size 12.

  • Accessories, such as, tubs, blankets, booster seats, carriers, etc.

  • Clothing accessories (bibs, socks, hats, hair bows, must be in new condition)

  • Baby and older kids furniture, bedding, and accessories.

  • Equipment, like Exersaucers, strollers, pack-n-plays, swings, high chairs, etc.

  • Games, videos, DVDs, and CDs.

  • Barbies, dolls, and accessories.

  • Toys (with all their pieces and batteries, if applicable)

  • Large outdoor toys, such as Little Tikes, Step 2, etc. (Please call before you bring)

Items Not Accepted

  • Out-of-date, pilling, stained, or damaged items.

  • Toys with missing parts.

  • Toys without batteries (shoppers will want to know toys work properly).

  • Clothing in garbage bags. (Clothing must be clean and neatly folded in either boxes, bins, or recycle bags.)

  • Any Car seats

  • Breast pumps