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We have 3 Options for Selling to Us!


**We reserve the right to refuse purchase of any items AND we DO limit quantities of items brought in per person**

****New Policy as of March 1.  If you leave any store credit on your account for more than 30 days, it becomes permanent store credit, and will not be payable as cash****

We take walk-ins Monday- Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm 

Step 1 Walk-in to store and put your name on our first come first serve list. 


Step 2 Once we get to your name, we will call you to bring your items into the store (you keep your items with you until we call you). You are limited to one 18 gallon bin of clothes AND one 18 gallon bin of shoes, toys, etc.

Step 3 We will sort your items, and enter what we want to purchase, and call you to come pick up your passes and receive payment or leave store credit.  Any items not picked up by end of business day, will be donated.

Drop n Go

Step 1 Come into the store and put your name on the list.  You are limited to ONE 18 gallon tote or equivalent for all items-clothes, shoes, toys, etc.


Step 2 We will sort and enter your items, when it is your turn.  ALL items we pass on for this option get donated.  If you want any of your items back after sorting, DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION.

Step 3 When we are done processing your items, we will call you and advise you of your payout. You can come cash out your payout or leave it on  your account as store credit.


***We have limited Drop & Go Bins, and do not hold them open if you call*** 

With this option, all donated items go to one of the charities we partner with: Minor Wear Ministries or AMVETS. 



Step 1 Click on the button above.  Appointments become available exactly one week in advance.  For example, if you wish to have an appointment next

Friday at 5:00PM, you will wait until this Friday at 5:00PM to secure your appointment for the following week.  

Step 2 Come in on your appointment date and time with your items.  We may not get to all or any of your items, if you arrive 15 minutes or later than your appointment time.  You will be limited to TWO 18 gallon bins--one for clothing, and one for everything else. If you have any concerns about your items, please call the store and we can address your concerns PRIOR to your appointment.

Items We Take

Clothing & Shoe Sizes Below

Infant Preemie-24m
Toddler 2T-5T
Big Kids 6-18
Newborn up to
Big Kids 6

Infant Toys

Toddler Toys
savingPNG (5).PNG
Large Learning Toys
savingPNG (4).PNG
Outdoor & Large Toys
savingPNG (2).PNG
Licensed Kids
Toys & More
Licensed Plush Toys
savingPNG (3).PNG
Science & STEM Toys.jpg
Ride-On/Ride-in Toys
Educational Toys
savingPNG (6).PNG
Small Equipment
savingPNG (7).PNG
savingPNG (8).PNG
Portable Cribs,
Bassinets &
savingPNG (9).PNG
Highchairs, Bouncers, Jumpers
savingPNG (10).PNG
Baby Items
savingPNG (12).PNG
Seasonal Items
savingPNG (13).PNG
Books (Selectively)

Items We Do Not Take

  • Any items with an odor other than detergent or softener

  • Car Seats/Booster Seats

  • Cribs/Bedding/Room Decor

  • Breast pumps/Formula/Food

  • Clothing Accessories

  • Undergarments/Socks

  • Cotton or non-muslin Blankets

  • Soiled or stained Items

  • Items that require batteries that do not have them when inspected

  • Shoes that are too worn

  • Maternity Hospital Gowns

  • Opened disposable diapers/wipes

  • Toys or Equipment with missing parts   (at our discretion, some exceptions    may apply)

  • Broken or dangerous items

  • Recalled Items; some manufacturers provide solutions, but those must accompany item

  • Out of style clothing or shoes

  • Personalized items, including items   with a name on the tag

  • Hair accessories: scrunchies;   headbands; bows, etc.

  • Equipment with fabric that is severely sun-damaged

******We reserve the right to refuse any items that we deem not up to FGC standards. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!******

                                         ****UPDATE as of August 22, 2022****

  • All items must be in excellent, like-new condition with no damage, such as stains, tears, pilling, non-working zippers, or missing buttons. We'll thoroughly examine your items to ensure they meet our high standards.

  • We are very selective with toys and books. 

  • For walk ins, you may bring a maximum of one 18 gallon bin of toys, if you are also bringing in one 18 gallon bin of clothing. 

  • If you have only toys, you are limited to two 18 gallon bins worth for a walk in.  ​


  • Please bring freshly laundered items in a bin, box, basket or recycle bags.  We will return the items we pass on back to you in the container you bring them in.  Please remember to try and limit wrinkling of items--lay them in their containers carefully.

  • You may bring the equivalent of one 18 gallon bin of clothing items in during your appointment or walk in.  Any more than that, and we will not be able to sort it.  


  • For Drop & Go guests, the maximum amount of items that are not equipment is limited to ONE 18 gallon bin (including shoes and toys).


  • Pre-sorting your child's items according to our buying policy saves time, and will ensure that you receive top dollar for your items and in general makes the selling process more efficient.​


  • Clothing Criteria

    • Clothing items should look new and be recently laundered--we will pass on wrinkled items

    • Clothing must be turned right side out--we will pass on inside out items

    • Clothing must be completely free of odors: smoke, mildew, mothballs, etc.

    • Clothing must be free of lint and pet hair

    • Clothing should not be ripped, faded, pilled, or stained

    • Clothing must be contemporary in style

    • We buy shoes up to size 4 youth as a rule--Anything larger we take sparingly

    • Zippers and buttons should be operational and intact

    • We purchase infant wear (sizes 0 to 12 months) very selectively and as needed


  • Toys and Equipment Criteria

    • Items must be clean and in like new condition

    • Electronic items must have batteries included and be in working order.Items must not have ANY missing parts

    • Items such as bikes must not have any rust.Items must be brought in assembled or seller must be prepared to put item(s) together

    • Plush Toys: we only accept licensed plush, NWT, or like new if holiday or characters.

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